Who is part of the Alter Sleeves team?

Who is part of the Alter Sleeves team?








Alter Sleeves is grateful for being powered by multiple contractors, who have helped us in our process thus far.

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    • What are Alter Sleeves?

      An Alter Sleeve is a high-quality design printed on perfect-fitting ‘inner’ sleeves that change the appearance of collectible card game cards without permanently marking them. Players will be able to switch card designs with their mood, temporarily ...
    • Where is Alter Sleeves based?

      Alter Sleeves is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
    • How are Alter Sleeves made?

      We print on Dragon Shield Perfect Fit bottom-loading inner sleeves. They are PVC and Acid-free. These are primed by hand and then printed, each sleeve is carefully examined to make sure the product that reaches the customer is the highest quality we ...
    • Where is Alter Sleeves on social media?

      So far, we have managed to get where we are, thanks to everyone’s support. Social media is a big part of this. Every like, follow, comment, share, post and message means more to us than you might imagine, so please consider engaging with us on any of ...
    • How does it all work?

      These are the basics: Alter Sleeves offers a web platform for artists, who we call alterists, to upload designs. The designs we offer at the moment are only for Magic: The Gathering. After the designs are uploaded to the site, customers are able to ...