How does it all work?

How does it all work?

These are the basics: Alter Sleeves offers a web platform for artists, who we call alterists, to upload designs. The designs we offer at the moment are only for Magic: The Gathering. After the designs are uploaded to the site, customers are able to select and purchase Alter Sleeves on that website and the designs will be printed and shipped by the Alter Sleeves team. The alterists get paid a royalty for every purchase of a design.

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    • How are Alter Sleeves made?

      We print on Dragon Shield Perfect Fit bottom-loading inner sleeves. They are PVC and Acid-free. These are primed by hand and then printed, each sleeve is carefully examined to make sure the product that reaches the customer is the highest quality we ...
    • What is the history of the company?

      The idea all started with the founder of the company, Chad, who has been playing Magic: The Gathering who had gotten back into playing a number of years ago after initially learning to play back when the game first came out. His entrepreneurial mind ...