How do I order Alter Sleeves?

How do I order Alter Sleeves?

There are multiple ways to browse for Alter Sleeves to order. You could go to the alterist page to find all the designs of your favorite alterist, look through designs and sort those by set, go to our set index, or use the search bar to find a card you have, select the available printing that matches your card and see which designs are available. When you have found the designs you would like to order, you can add those to your cart and you will be able to proceed to checkout.

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    • Can I return or exchange my order?

      We want you to be happy with your Alter Sleeves purchase. Therefore, if you find any issues with the design or the printing of the sleeve, we would be happy to replace it for you. We reserve the right not to accept returns or exchanges for other ...
    • How much do Alter Sleeves cost?

      At the moment, one Alter Sleeve is either $6 or €6 depending on where you live. (prices in Euro Include VAT) The payment option you were to choose at checkout could have a slight impact. If it is possible, we recommend you to use Stripe and stay ...
    • How do I change something about my order?

      You might want to change some things about your order, like the shipping address, the amount of sleeves or the designs you’ve picked. We would be able to help you change your order up to the moment you receive your shipment confirmation email. If you ...
    • Does Alter Sleeves support commissions?

      We are not yet able to facilitate commissions via our website. However, you are more than welcome to get in touch with customers via your personal social media. If you happen to make a design that is exclusive and only meant for that one person, ...
    • What currencies does Alter Sleeves accept?

      Within the European Union, we accept euros. For the rest of the world, we accept US dollars.